NINE Luxury properties

The Costa del Sol, southern European paradise, Are you thinking of spending your retirement in one of the most exclusive coasts in the world? Do you want to spend a vacation that can be unforgettable? In nine we are waiting for you to facilitate the search of home so that all you have to worry about is the time to take the plane.

NINE Luxury Propierties offers you the best new homes in the whole area, our team led by Jerónimo Sánchez, a professional of the most cultivated and with more experience of the area, will help you and accompany you in all phases of the process. that you find your home beside the sea.




We check before selling the product, which meets all the requirements, both urban and legal, as well as legislation on the guarantee of amounts on account through insurance policies.


Nine is the best group of professionals on the Costa del Sol, experts who make the search simpler for our clients, attention to them is global, we accompany, advise and help throughout the process. The group of people who make up the team, are bilingual and highly qualified. With Nine Luxury Propierties you are in the best hands of the entire coast of the sun.


Nine selects all the projects with which it works, having to fulfill our requirements of orientation, quality, views, distribution and memory of qualities. In addition one of our main concerns is that the services of the area in which the property is located are the best possible, so that our clients find the best site in the entire area, both property features and services.


Our work does not end with the signature, we are in all phases of the project, keeping the buyer informed of the evolution of the work and facilitating all the needs that he has to enter to live in your new home.


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